&Vintage Ampersexy Body Suit @ The Gallery Gift Shop

We just released this classic lil number at The Gallery Gift Shop for 100L… go gettum tigers.

The &Vintage Ampersexy Bodysuit & Dress! It comes with a sheer or normal option, depending on whether you’d like to skank it up or not. 😉 The skirt is flexy and flowey, so if you’re like me and want to prance around like a ballerina with that new akeya dance that was free in the hunt, you’ll end up a happy camper like the following picture. 

I’ve been getting yelled at for constantly prancing around like a ballerina… I CAN’T HELP MYSELF. Hopefully all this gets it out of my system… or else you will see more tutus & dancewear to come. 

[Penned] Mix 'N Match set! Turtlenecks & Dresses!

[Penned] All New Releases! We just did an entire makeover for the whole store, all new items as well! Check it out…

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We’ll be all up on the Marketplace soon!!

[Penned] - Sleek Dress, 75L ea. or 300L fp.

[Penned] Classic releases.

ampersand loves saturday night fevah!

oh my. there’s some good stuff this week. *flails about*

check, one, two:

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super bargain saturday is here to spiffify your sl home (mostly)

it’s my first go at super bargain saturday, is there usually this much furniture type stuff? if so, cool. if not, also cool. just wondering. everyone but la’licious has put out.

get it:

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