[Penned] - Sleek Dress, 75L ea. or 300L fp.

[Penned] Classic releases.


ampersand loves saturday night fevah!

oh my. there’s some good stuff this week. *flails about*

check, one, two:

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super bargain saturday is here to spiffify your sl home (mostly)

it’s my first go at super bargain saturday, is there usually this much furniture type stuff? if so, cool. if not, also cool. just wondering. everyone but la’licious has put out.

get it:

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Project Themeory… lost at sea

It’s always the awkward themes that I wonder what the heck people will come up with that end up producing some of the best Themeory weeks. I definitely have to say there were some super cute things this week.

Be careful, lots of the links in the notecard this week are wonky. They’re correct if you click on the picture here.

MIA’s: Four Squares & Gauged

The Rumor is…


We’ll be having a preview party tonight, with the grand opening tomorrow morning.

Check back later for more details to come…

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50L Friday…. Win, win, win AND win.

It’s a good, good weekend. The Rumor is about to unleash it’s ferocity unto the world and fifty linden friday was full of pantsless loons and quality shit.

MIA: So Many Styles


I took some photos, sorry they’re a lil pixelated today, my graphics are wonky:

C'mere sexy, let's make babies....
Lawndart extraodinaire