Humpday Happiness…

Oh what a day. It appears I have been banned by one of the Sn@tchenators again. And I thought I was behaving myself? I’m pretty sure it’s an outcry to the lack of votes for Ivey being my baby daddy. Either that or they both need a good roll in the hay, or at least something better to do than sit around banning and unbanning me. Oh well, there were a couple missing this week…

Mango, Mango! – It is obvious the Amazons have gotten to them. They have poofed.
Moxie Polano – I couldn’t find anything for 69L?
Moonshine – The ad was in the notecard, but I couldn’t find it.

To post or not to post…

I thought this deserved some airing. As most of you know, I’ve been banned from several sims due to my opinions. Quite a few of you have been asking for a list of the sims I’ve been banned from so that you yourselves could not shop there. I’ve been a bit torn on the matter, because on one hand these are real people who, some of them make real life livings off of these things that they sell. On the other hand, they had no guilty conscience when airing much more personal and offensive things about me. They have outright tried to bully me out of having an opinion. In my honest opinion, if they are actually making a real life living off of these shops, why would they respond this way? Wouldn’t it be better if they took the heat and twisted it around to work for them?

So, that’s my two cents, there’s a lot more, but saved for a better time and a better place. I would not like this post to turn into a Pen bashing or any particular sim bashing, so be forewarned the moderating will be heavy. I’d love to hear your feedback, but keep it classy folks.

In the great wise words of Bertrand Russell “People are zealous for a cause when they are not quite positive that it is true.” (If you don’t know what that means, you probably should keep moving)

69L Wednesday… Humpday Horrors

Well, not really horrors. I’m glad to say I’ve only been banned from three of the stores, two of them on the same sim. So I guess there was a lot more bark than bite last week. Kudos to maturity. Here we go…

By the way, a super grateful thanks to my super secret under cover spy, Talender Serendipity for the banned photos.  No worries, her name is posted with unashamed permission.

Humpday Happiness… Banned again???

So, I have always pretty much overlooked Humpday Happiness, despite the appealing title. And after the rummage through it today, I was probably right in doing so. I was hoping to find a few gems, and I did, so mission successful. But, time wasted on this under-par noob fest again? No probably not. BUT, I do have to give them an A for effort, because the actual Humpday Happiness was VERY well organized. I had pictures in the notecard and everything, I suppose it’s not the organizers fault if half the stores ban me or put out random effortless items.

And then there was the ban hammer. I found one more place I am banned from last night, that happened to come up in Humpday Happiness as well, and another today! Three stores in total for Humpday Happiness. Do people really sit around lurking the blogs just searching for someone to ban from their sims? Maybe if they put that effort into designing their items it would be time better spent. JUST SAYIN. But, the biggest peeve is that these sims aren’t even responding to me, so I have to assume they have banned me for having an opinion on other peoples items. One of the stores I didn’t even recognize and am pretty certain I have never been to. Is this really what SL has come to? A bunch of bullies that can’t handle a little off beat humor when it’s pointed at them? If only more people could be like AnnoyingJapaneseChild or Jeanie Valois and take the poking in stride. When your items are quality and creative, there is no need to be offended.