Thirsty Thursday

Thiiiiiirsty Thursday is up yawl.


3 Ways to Get AMAZING Second Life Deals!


1. Visit our NEW website, created by the fabulously spicy Moo Money, where we’ll be keeping you updated on the latest info about sales (ie the same ole thing with prettier wrapping)


2. Visit our NEW sim, where designers have set out exclusive items and freebies for the grand opening..


3. Join our in-world update group: The Rumor


ampersand loves saturday night fevah!

oh my. there’s some good stuff this week. *flails about*

check, one, two:

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super bargain saturday is here to spiffify your sl home (mostly)

it’s my first go at super bargain saturday, is there usually this much furniture type stuff? if so, cool. if not, also cool. just wondering. everyone but la’licious has put out.

get it:

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Project Themeory… lost at sea

It’s always the awkward themes that I wonder what the heck people will come up with that end up producing some of the best Themeory weeks. I definitely have to say there were some super cute things this week.

Be careful, lots of the links in the notecard this week are wonky. They’re correct if you click on the picture here.

MIA’s: Four Squares & Gauged



In case you haven’t heard, there is a SALE going on at Armidi. No joke.

All my girlfriends and boyfriends, you need to get there NOW. This is their first ever sale. The sales are at the sims theWarehouse and theWarehouse II, to enter them you have to be a part of the group “theWarehouse” and trust me, they’re packed!

For those of you who like an easy shopping experience, it gets even better – you can shop them ONLINE at it’s SOOO FABULOUS.

All of their items on the website are reflected and marked down in sale.

Did I mention it’s ALL of their items, and you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost.


The picture above cost me 309L$ at the Armidi website (not including the hair and tote)

In the picture above are the following items:

Top&Shorts – Armidi Cambridge Outfit

Sunglasses – Armidi Machimo Sunglasses

Hair – Posh High Status in Blonde

Tote – Mustache Tote Bag (exclude @ The Rumor opening)

Oh my gooshhhh, who knows what Armidi has up their sleeve, who cares – this sale is something that EVERYONE should check out, and I mean – you barely even need to leave your SL home, you can do it all online and get instant delivery!


HERES SOMETHING FUN! Leave a picture in the comments of what YOU got from the sale if you decide to go buy it and you want to take beautiful pictures of yourself and share them with the world!

The Rumor is…


We’ll be having a preview party tonight, with the grand opening tomorrow morning.

Check back later for more details to come…

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