Project Themeory… spooooky

With a frightening theme this week, I expected a lot… but was pretty let down. Although there were sever shining stars that peaked their way through. I think my favorite this week was definitely Duboo’s creeptastique hoarde of goodies, with posh & mocha trailing very closely.

MIA this week:

I love Olive – they put out… be careful though, you may get cut

Veschi – /me starts preparing the horse head…


And of course, the only video appropriate to complete any frightful theme:


6 thoughts on “Project Themeory… spooooky

  1. okrebecca

    this blog is a godsend. been stalking it for several weeks now and i dont even have to login anymore to decide not to buy these things. pen et al. i don’t know how you do it but keep it up. i would make these same kinds of comments doing the rounds on these sale day things anyway, it’s nice to see it blogged in an informal manner like this. the dramz pretty funny too. +420 internets.

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