ampersand suffers stumblebum shell shock

this week’s stumblebum must be a record for number of stores that put out on time!!! yay!


mustache and rcbg (which I believe is CLOSED forevah)

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13 thoughts on “ampersand suffers stumblebum shell shock

  1. dawnde lane

    yep rcbg is offically closed forevah, i was shopping there and 2 mins later i got a sub notice saying they closed 😦 i liked there stuff too

  2. Wtf

    Uh, no, that’s not good to know. It’s some whiny baby bullshit – if you’re going to close, don’t send out some bullshit emo notice saying “I’m closing, wahhhh!” close for a few days and then reopen under a new name (kyoot, is it? how fucking idiotic is that)? Ugh, whatever, the owner is a snobby, clique-ish douchemonkey anyway whose only real “contribution” to SL has been Project Themeory – which itself has been failerrific lately.

    • Tea Soup

      you obviously dont have your shit straight. kyoot has already been a brand for a while now in second life. and rbcg wasnt the FIRST PERSON ON THE FACE OF SECONDLIFE to do the “i quit for now” bit. do some research before out right bashing someone who works hard at what she does. AND IS FUCKING AMAZING AT IT TOO!

    • Jeanie

      “wtf” I think you’re a moron, to be quite honest. Kyrsten, is NOT emo for one, and it’s her fucking group, if she wants to inform her customers of her issues, its her damn well given right. Also, clique-ish? I think you’ve mixed her up with the wrong crew, she is far from clique-ish. She’s the most friendliest person i’ve met in a long time. Next time you want to throw out your unneeded retarded comments, know the fucking facts.


    Ive never heard of the shop but lawl @ SL shops who whine and “close” and then are like “hai im reopening zomg!’ a week later.

    This is a general statement, not aimed at any particular shop. I have no idea what is going on here.

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