ampersand has gatcha madness

here is an example of the state of affairs at the albero summer gatcha festival, which is going from 7/7 – 8/11:

[2010/07/07 16:35] Tea Soup: i have 13 mailboxes
[2010/07/07 16:37] Tea Soup: ugh i think im gna give random ppl fanny packs

[2010/07/07 16:46] Constance Daehlie: shouts: OMG I GOT THE POLAR BEAR
[2010/07/07 16:46] Ampersand Artful: shouts: POLAR BEAR?! WHERE?!!! WANT!!
[2010/07/07 16:46] Constance Daehlie: shouts: YOU CAN HAVE HIM WHEN IVE HAD MY WAY WITH HIM

there are well over 40 gatchas from a slew of designers, so if you think you can handle braving the kingdom of the all mighty gatcha, here’s your taxi


4 thoughts on “ampersand has gatcha madness

  1. Astrid

    You can panhandle with me and Sirius. 😉 I’ve been putting off logging in because I know this will break me.

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