ampersand’s random shite rodeo round up

Freebie shirt you can grab from The Rumor to promote the Rent-A-Ho event

gather round, it’s time for ampersand’s random shite rodeo round up! YEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAW!

1). we’re still taking volunteers for models, ho’s and designers for Rent-a-Ho and Fashion Show. In case you haven’t been paying attention, this event is in conjunction with Operation Squeegee, and includes a sale of garments worn in the fashion show, as well as a date auction of some of SL’s finest ho’s, with all proceeds going to the National Wildlife Federation, to help wildlife affected by the oil gusher in the gulf of Mexico. contact either myself, ampersand artful, or pennelope thiessam via note card in world!

B). so far, Operation Squeegee has earned ONE THOUSAND REAL LIFE DOLLARS. *hi5!*
fellow blogger Safeer Glendevon did a penned down style review of the event, so go scope it out and drop some L! don’t blow your wad though, cuz there will be PLENTY of goodies you’ll be wanting from the Rent-a-Ho sale!!

Penn sporting the goods from Squeegee - Sysy & Hopscotch

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