Divine humps your day!

Hello everyone, it’s time for humpday!

And get out the tissues because this is my last post for a while. I’m making a big move from southern Georgia to New Hampshire, and I will probably be without the internet for a week or two. /DIE

Nah, it’s okay. You still love me and you will just have to console, i’m sure you’ll all find a way.

Special thanks to Crymson Marder the QT Pie that took all the pictures for my LAZY butt!

Love you!

Anyways, here’s the stuff:

Alright, I hope you enjoyed – here’s a treat!

Divine is a redneck? No! He's just ready to move. I just thought i'd show you guys how I look after no sleeping (because we don't have our beds or mattresses!) The entire house is packed except my little corner.. getting packed right after this!

6 thoughts on “Divine humps your day!

  1. chilli

    One week or two? Feel blessed, a friend of mine moved some time ago and just received a note from the ISP she had chosen that they sadly couldn’t set up a connection to her new flat after all – it just took them 7 weeks to notice.

    • Divine!

      LOLOL. Okay, i dont clean up my desk all the time, I do it like once every week. And I’ve had that mousepad for like.. 7 years. no joke. REPPIN’ DA USA

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