Squeeeeeze me Squeegee… GET INVOLVED!!

Rent-A-Ho & Fashion Show

Rent-A-Ho & Fashion Show

Liberty & Squeegee Unite

Saturday, July 10, 2010

9:00pm SLT

Penned Down is hosting a hilariously infused event on the Liberty sim in two weeks, Rent-A-Ho & Fashion Show! We will have an auction of SL’s finest, bringing their scrumptious  dating skills to the table. Following the auction will be a Fashion Show like none other.. in true Penned Down style, humor will not only be allowed but encouraged.

The idea is top notch fun for an incredibly good cause. Break out your wallets and your sense of humor to join us in lending a hand.

I am looking for loads and loads of volunteers for this event. if you are a designer or just think you’re bitchin and could bring in some dough, contact me to sell your soul at our Rent-A-Ho auction. We’re selling your sl body for a couple hours… no worries, no poseball action, except for maybe the sappy dancing and dinner kind. (I MEAN unless you want to, but that’s none of our business….)

We also need models and other minions for the night to do the behind the scenes stuff. Take a break from all the baby mamma dramma and get involved, feel good about yourself.

Contact Pennelope Thiessam or Ampersand Artful in world, or email myself at PennelopeThiessam@gmail.com

Operation Squeegee is an event organized to raise money to help with the oil spill in the gulf, the proceeds will be going to the National Wildlife Federation to benefit all the helpless little critters swimming around out there.

Operation Squeegee


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