Aaaaand the winner is….

My quaint home...

It was a serene night in the trailer lot as I looked up into my baby daddies eyes and took a puff of my cig before dashing it out in the beer can. My curlers were coming loose, I could feel it, but I didn’t care, Ampersand looked dashing with her innovative trend, wearing her t-shirt inside out.

Ampersand Arftul and her radiating beauty

It was almost as if I could smell him though, from across the trailer park. I spotted him out of the corner of my eye. Could it be? Had Poop Cheese really come back for me? As he sat on his throne, I couldn’t help but feel my lady parts flutter.

Poop Cheese

It was as if the smell wafted across my nose, his feet clunking along the dirt road. As he approached and proceeded to give Ampersand a fine once over, almost with a hint of drool at his lips, I could feel my knees weakening as my name tumbled out of his lips, “Weyl hullo dere, Pennn-uh-lope.”

"Weyl hullo dere, Penn-uh-lope"

I knew it was all over from the look in their eyes. That night in the pristine woods of the Trashtastique Trailer Park, our memorable threesome took place. It was magical. I have been left with this precious cargo, that may or may not be theirs.

All Knocked Up

So it was a winner between Ampersand Artful and Poop Cheese….


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