the second life beautification project: quest for the realistic shape

well, I’m not really sure how to prelude this post, so I’ll just be blunt: there are a lot of ugly avatars on the grid. now before you start hollering about being superficial and beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that general kind of BS, hear me out. when I say ugly, I don’t mean in the typical “you got hit with the ugly stick” sense. I mean, straight up, YOU LOOK LIKE A MUTANT ALIEN FREAK.

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there are many reasons for the freak show shape phenomenon. one being, many people don’t have a solid grasp about human anatomy. another, which I myself suffered from, is that shapes are a very personal thing, and many people are reluctant to change theirs, for whatever reason. finally, (good) shapes are a pain in the ass to make. I’d know, I’ve been making them since january of this year, and there is a lot of work and time that has to go into making a shape that will look good on a variety of skins.

so, in my push to urge people to look at their personal shape in a more critical eye, here is a run down of the almost year long evolution of ampersand artful, followed by some basic tips about body proportions (click on the pictures):


4 thoughts on “the second life beautification project: quest for the realistic shape

  1. Tea

    *applause applause* i sure hope many people see this and fix their shapes. i dont mind unique artistic style shapes, furs, etc! but the amazons with tiny arms and tiny hands and tiny heads and tiny feet…………

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