50L Friday…. and a makeover

Well if you are dense enough to not have noticed, we redid the site!! Yahooo!! Amp did most of the work and it is FAAABulous! Yay!

Now for 50L Friday, I’m a little underwhelmed over all. No prissy dresses, or fancy hair, well not yet at least. Tiny Bird was MIA as of way too early in the morning o’clock.

Picture Time:


15 thoughts on “50L Friday…. and a makeover

  1. chilli

    The new layout works well with the pics, as in “moar spaaaaace for piccies!”.
    One big flaw, though: You’re wearing way too much clothes in your pic in the sidebar, for sure.

  2. chilli

    Tiny Bird is out by now – tees and tops:

    The sculpted part of the Dirty Version Top might be a bit of a pain to fit, especially if your stand poses don’t have perfectly straight upper bodies. The texture part is more like a bra, so you might get skin showing through the prim in some poses.

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