The Zombie Popcorn Carnival… don’t turn your back for a moment

Grab the popcorn, settle your ass into the imprints on your chair and prepare for some intense zombie goodness. I wasn’t sure where to start with all that I ran across, but if you haven’t ventured to the fair… not only are there creeptastical rides and goodies, but amazing fashion and I CAN’T GET ENOUGH! Prepare yourself for lag (ie deprim and lower the hell out of your settings) and yes there are plenty of stalls filled with crap… but there are in turn some out of the box completely unique items. (there also seems to be numerous previous sale items, in case you missed out)

Squawkin and terrifying the neighbors

Look #1
Dress – *dg* rusty crows nest hanger
Skin – !Imabee: Umeko
Hair – ::::IrEn:::: Sofie_2 Whity
Pose – /tea/ like you didn’t already know I’m awesome
Dreaming of Eating your Flesh
Look #2
Top – *dg* mugshotT
Bottoms – ::::IrEn:::: Lace Bloomers
Skin – !Imabee:Umeko
Lashes – [glow] studio
Hair – (Posh) Naive, pink passion
Pose – /tea/ thinking about thinking, just remember me
Hiding Behind the Insecure Moon
Look #3
Dress – .:Ducknipple:. – Hurley Layere Blck/Green
Mask – [glow] studio – xombie fashion mask
Skin – !Imabee Vivian Came Back to Life (previous zombie hunt item)
Hair – *booN JPN670 bluepack (the dressing room blue)
pose – /tea/ exit
Deep Thoughts of Murdering your Soul
Look #4
Dress – .:Ducknipple:. Shampo, brown
Skin – .:::GARAGE:::. exclusive for Zombie Popcorn
Hair – booN, KAR868 chocolate
Pose – /tea/ best dressed fearless
Grab my Hand, so I can take you Down with me
Look #5
Top – [BUTT-ERR[ Bejeezus, Red
Pants – KOSH courduroy pants, grey
Hair – (Posh) Envious, chocolate (not at the zombie carnival)
Skin – !Imabee: Umeko
Pose – Adorkable Poses: Avi Juggler

6 thoughts on “The Zombie Popcorn Carnival… don’t turn your back for a moment

  1. moo Money

    I found the zombie carnival to be thoroughly disappointing. It was the equivalent of a new mall opening with a circus theme, but the same old designers. There weren’t a lot of clearly marked event exclusives, and a lot of designers just stuck their same old stuff in their allocated tents. I poked around a bit, but they even had *flying* turned off. I passed on this event.

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