random shite roundup!

all this blogging is simply exhausting!

numero uno – we need minions. I mean. cabana boys. INTERNS. I MEAN. INTERNS. all these blogging responsibilities are bogging us down and before we fall to pieces we’d like to hire an intern. no pay. we broke. the non monetary incentive to being our blog bitch; a false sense of internet fame and glory.

if I didn’t lose you at “no pay,” and you’re actually wondering if you’d make a great addition to team amperlope, ask yourself:

  • do I have basic html and computer skills?
  • am I able to read typonese?
  • do I readily log on after 12 am slt?
  • can I take a decent in world snapshot?

if you answered “YES” to all of these questions, great news! you’re perfect material for the world of second life sale blogging!

send either myself, ampersand artful, or pennelope thiessam, a notecard (notecards are important cuz our im’s are capped from angry hate mail) with the following:

  • Name
  • SL Age
  • Favorite Designers
  • Hobbies
  • Related experience
  • Your favorite sexual position
  • An example of your photography skills (url link or texture)

number 2 (hehehehe. ahem) – tomorrow is the HBIC pennelope’s one year rezz day! in celebration, we will be having a party at our newly built studio skyloft! you may click here at 9 pm slt on FRIDAY, and not a moment sooner, because if you do, there’s a really good chance you’ll barge in on pen and I taking nudie shots, and if you aren’t game to join us, that just simply won’t do, and you’ll have to go.

c ). – pen forgot to ever post the poll for who her new baby daddy is, so… quick! here it is! before I figure out how to rig it:


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