49L Sale for Dudes… by Jaunty Magazine

So, it was rumored that there was a man sale, and of course Amp and I did what any self respecting sl lady would do, we adorned our skankiest bikini-clad outfits and came running. To our disappointment the men were not for sale, although the model at SF Design may have come close. After chasing down the men, and trying to find ourselves some beefcake boyfriends who would sell themselves at a relatively decent price, and coming up empty handed… we found that Jaunty magazine had organized a sale for men’s items at only 49L a pop!! Wow, what a deal!

Check out the sale page here, with all the stores and slurls and what not. The organizer has done a tremendous job at putting this together, kudos for a man sale! The only one we couldn’t find on the list was Shape It Up!, it seemed to keep throwing us back to the Action sim, and we couldn’t find it anywhere there.

This sale is going on all week long, until the 26th!

Annnnnd picture time:


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