Project Themeory… we are not amused!

In the wise words of Queen Victoria, “We are not amused!” The list was short enough, and half of it isn’t out, the other half is pretty shoddy this week. :/ Oh well. Theeeemeory you are better than this!

Here’s the MIA list:
Ploom – they put out
Strumpet  & Gauged – have been dropped according to the group message earlier.

I took pictures:
Happy Finds Saves the Day!!
Dem Damn Hippies!
Ready, set... GOOO!!

3 thoughts on “Project Themeory… we are not amused!

  1. ann

    I am totally into boho and hippie looks right now, but I knew better than to get my hopes up regarding this week’s theme. I am, however, dazzled by the Tyranny outfit; I will probably crash my computer in my haste to get my pixel hands on that one.

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