Divine stumbles on your bum.

Oh hello!
I’m your substitute blogger for the day. You can call me Divine, or Mrs. Fabulous, Sassy, Fresh and Fierce. Whichever you prefer. I hope you all thoroughly enjoy my work. ❤
You haven’t heard of me? Well.. I like long walks on the beach, musicals, GLEE, men, specific male body parts that begin with the letter P, and breadsticks.
Please keep in mind it’s 6:30 in the morning where I am and I haven’t slept yet. 🙂
Here we goooo –
Well, That’s all for today. I hope you have enjoyed your time with me, I have enjoyed it with you. You better appreciate because it’s 7:00 AM now, and I am probably going to be screwed sleeping wise for the next few days, but I ❤ you.
P.s. Ampersand’s lazy butt says hi and she’s sorry she couldn’t blog this week for all of you fabulous hoes!

9 thoughts on “Divine stumbles on your bum.

  1. Divine!

    my favorite part is when they’re hugging. “you know this 50$ right?” “sooo worth it.” and thank you, i enjoyed it.. except for the fact I was up till 7 🙂
    I know I forgot to do a lot of stuff though.. but don’t shoot me

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