50L Friday… Hide ‘n go seek?

Well, some of the stores just weren’t out, others trapped us in little yellow boxes, trying to display us for the amazons.

<Insert Edit> Some of the lm’s are funky, so I am sending out a new notecard that I have updated with correct landmarks, like So Many Styles and the Clawtooth one.  Join The Rumor and check the notices if you aren’t already a member. Yayy! *crosses her fingers and hops Ty Zvezda makes it out today*

MIA list:
Ty Zvezda
So Many Styles – Theeeey are up
Fishy Strawberry
Kookie – They have put out

I took pictures (thanks to divine for playing the role of a man today!):
He's grabbing my ass!
The beast within
Coffee Break!

12 thoughts on “50L Friday… Hide ‘n go seek?

  1. Evie

    Wow you did better then me 😀 I went earlier and at that time only 3 had their stuff out! Lots of us disgruntled shoppers standing around clicking anything and everything in the hope it would rez into that weeks 50L item 😉

    But YAY (NOT!) one of them that made it out was eyes!

    Love your post as usual 🙂


      I don’t think “Everything sucks”.. I think I might log in and get the botanical “Dumb Cane” plant.

      But this week does look a tad noob. Normally 50L has more high quality looking product.

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