Thirsty Thursday… short and sweet

Names changed to protect… well, me, actually.
[11:09] Teleport completed from Heaven’s Paradise (100,55,21)
[11:09] Strawforbrains Iwonder: lololol
[11:09] Strawforbrains Iwonde: go get one?
[11:09] Clo Moorederme: lemme try on these jeans I got and see if they are low rise
[11:09] Clo Moorederme: one sec
[11:10] Strawforbrains Iwonder: ok
[11:10] Pennelope Thiessam: the more ass the better
[11:10] Strawforbrains Iwonder: .ı.lııllılı.ılı.CHⓞⓞN.ı.lııllılı.ılı. .
[11:10] Strawforbrains Iwonder: oohh my gawd
[11:10] Strawforbrains Iwonder: yesh
[11:10] Strawforbrains Iwonder: ¨°o.O..ммм…¢ℓσє..O.o°¨
[11:10] Strawforbrains Iwonder: incomeing

Seriously, I don’t know why I leave my home. You better preeeeeziate! Thirsty Thursday and their obviously green theme.


3 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday… short and sweet

  1. ann

    Wow. I’m getting a real sense that all the time I didn’t know about the Wednesday thing or the Thursday thing that I wasn’t missing much.

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