Humpday Happiness…

Oh what a day. It appears I have been banned by one of the Sn@tchenators again. And I thought I was behaving myself? I’m pretty sure it’s an outcry to the lack of votes for Ivey being my baby daddy. Either that or they both need a good roll in the hay, or at least something better to do than sit around banning and unbanning me. Oh well, there were a couple missing this week…

Mango, Mango! – It is obvious the Amazons have gotten to them. They have poofed.
Moxie Polano – I couldn’t find anything for 69L?
Moonshine – The ad was in the notecard, but I couldn’t find it.

16 thoughts on “Humpday Happiness…

  1. ann

    I’ve been enjoying Grunge Inkorporated’s generous offerings, and I went on to buy something full price from them last week, but nothing else I see here today inspires me.

    • Pennelope Thiessam

      I sat there on the empty sim for a bit, and even searched for them… I was baffled, because wasn’t their another store there too? Like a whole island vanishing… I’m having LOST flashbacks. ALREADY.

  2. ann

    BTW I would take it as a compliment that the sn@tchers banned you again. It means they can’t stop thinking about you and obsessing over your blog. Hi pRoblem are you out there reading this? We love you dude…you keep things real.

  3. Astrid

    I’m in the Sn@tch group, but it’s hard to want to stay with the ass-hatery of the ban/unban/ban crap over something that wasn’t 100% glowing. Whatever. It’s just annoying to me.

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