Can’t we all just get along? …. feeling inspired.

I thought I’d run with a little bit of a different theme today and let you know that I, Pennelope Thiessam, might actually be human too. I was fortunate enough to run across the designer for this little ditty, and I’m not sure if you have noticed but when words seem to be lacking I prefer throwing a good musical number in there. If anyone could live out their life as a glee musical type, it would be me.

One love... from Butt-err

In case you haven’t heard the song, and if you haven’t heard of the inspirational movement behind it, check it out here: Playing for Change

AND if that’s not enough mush for you, there is the Black and Blue Fair in second life. If you haven’t clicked the link to the right over there, please do, go check out all the info and go, go, gooooo! It opens to the public Thursday at midnight. It’s an event where designers are coming together and offering up new, never before released items to help raise awareness of mental health issues.

Some of the Black&Blue loot…

So I suppose the Black & Blue fair means a bit to me, because I think inspiration and creativity are key to life. When you lose hold of those, I think you lose hold of your mind. What a sad day to be stuck and alone, and feeling like there’s nothing you can do about it, when really help is right around the corner.

Kay, so enough of philosophical, soap boxing penn, and on to bigger and better things. Be inspired today and create something wonderful in sl or rl.

In the wise words of Mr. Marley

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!”


5 thoughts on “Can’t we all just get along? …. feeling inspired.

  1. ann

    Cool blog entry. Wow, you get to go to things like that early now as a Very Important Bloggergirl!I know that’s a very superficial thing to take away from this but it’s Monday morning.

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