Project Themeory…. RAWR

The beast comes out, from the organizer? There was a message this morning apologizing for the designers lack of putting out, I can only assume that she is suffering from a dry spell. Ah well, the threats must have worked because only three of the designers didn’t put out for me. *crosses her fingers* Maybe Gliteratti will throw something in later today. As for Modd G. her profile says she is on vacation… did she forget to tell someone?

Don’t forget, you can join The Rumor in world to receive updates on the blog and what not. Here’s the list of no-shows so far, lemme know if you spot the scandalous deviants.

Glitterati – Not out yet <insert edit> I spoke with Miss Gliteratti herself this morning, and she let me know that she has dropped out of Themeory for unorganizational and banned reason. Good reasons for sure. I surely don’t blame her. Also I hear there is a shrine in my honor in the works…
Modd G. – Apparently on vacation
Adjunct – Where are you?

Any who, kudos for the organizer kicking butts and taking names, here are the pictures:

PS YAYYY for yesterday being the day for my most hits ever, and it involved no drama or plurkage! Thanks for coming back and not joining the lynch mob out to get me!

& don’t forget, down below is Amps review of stuuuuumblebumblebum!

Some pictures I took with the loot:

It is confirmed, he DOES shoot fireballs & smoke!
Badass Penstein
Snugglezzzz time!
I've been sliiiimed!! (and for all the texans, there's SLIIIIIME IN THA ICE MACHINE)
If looks could kill....

21 thoughts on “Project Themeory…. RAWR

  1. ann

    You guys are unbelievably generous, not only photographing everything but providing a notecard inworld with all the links. Thank you!

    • ann

      Congrats! You’re famous!!!! And all because of your haters and their original posts telling you off! I remember the first one I saw on the fashion feed, she made a big deal out of saying she wasn’t going to link back to you….I was so intrigued. Who, I wondered, could be provoking such a display of self-righteousness? A little googling and here we all are. Happy!

      • Pennelope Thiessam


        She knew people would google it, people always do what you tell them not to.

        She secretly wants to have my babies. It’s true. I read it on a blog. So what if it was mine? It’s still true.

      • ann

        There were a couple of weeks there when I think many people would have given up or given in to the drama and negative energy, but you carried yourself so well and got through it, and I will always be impressed by that. And now you have enough baby daddies to populate a small country, WOW.

      • Pennelope Thiessam

        The country will be called Pennmania.

        Thank you so much for your kind words, it really does mean a lot! Thank you for coming back and not joining the lynch mob. I’m pretty proud to have created a place where people feel like they have a voice that’s not controlled by the ass-hatters of SL.

  2. Jeanie V.


    the pics are so cute by the way

  3. ann

    Katey Coppola of Glitterati just sent out a notecard inworld explaining that she’s tried repeatedly to get Glitterati removed from the Themeory list because she doesn’t want to participate in it, and she’s very upset that people are going to her store expecting to find a Themeory item because she doesn’t like letting customers down.

      • ann

        (and if someone suggests I contact her, I did, and I’m SOL, so you might as well tell me what I missed out on.)

      • ann

        Well I even relogged using another viewer and no go. I’ve heard of this from other people, that sometimes if you aren’t online at the precise nanosecond something gets sent out, then forget it. I can’t figure it out because I sure receive all the ad junk the subscribos send me (though no, I wasn’t capped at the time, I had been on earlier so there were 3 notecards saying BUY STUFF HERE in queu). TY for your offer. 🙂 I get too upset by this stuff, like a big dope.

      • Pennelope Thiessam

        Lol, it peeves me too. You know, the other day I was having massive issues with sl, so I removed all the root folders and reinstalled SL, and now everything is working SOOOO much better. I haven’t had any issues with not receiving things or ruthing out and all that nonsense.

        It might help in the future?

      • ann

        Do you know if this is more of a problem with specific viewers? I had just installed the newest Emerald beta (2012) which I love because I can use the alpha layers and all that. I have never deleted the root folders though.

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