ampersand does stumblebum… again

hullo! it’s ampersand. not pennelope. AMPERSAND. ARTFUL. I bump uglies with pennelope on a frequent basis, routinely finish her sentences, and other generally awesome things. but I am not her. inside her, maybe, yes. but not pennelope. no. I am all around soft and squishy and kind of obnoxious. let’s be best friends, mmkay?

remember! you can join our group, the rumor, to get updates for penned down, notecards with landmarks for weekly sale events like 50L friday, stumblebum, and project themeory, or just have a thumpin’ good time in chat! join it! join it now!

number 9 for this week’s stumblebum is ploom, as a last minute fill in. their item is the same as last weeks. you can see it here and here


6 thoughts on “ampersand does stumblebum… again

  1. ann

    Thank you, ampersand….stumblebum used to be completely off my radar. Now there are more things to want. Hmm. Should I really thank you? πŸ™‚

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