To Post or Not to Post… and the winner is?

As exciting as the race was, the polls are now closed, and I am pleased to announce the winner.

<insert drumroll here>

…. It looks like you’d like to be my baby daddy won by a landslide!

<insert maniacal stalker cheering here>

The yes votes came in second, the no’s in third…. and who the hell would come here and not know that I’ve been banned? So in the spirt of baby daddy celebrations, I would like to nominate a few of my favorites, and open the comments for alternate nominations before opening a poll to see just who my new baby daddy should be.

I’d also like to announce the opening of our group The Rumor. Sign up to get updates on when the 50L Friday postings are up, other great sales or to just complain and bullshit in general.

Have you heard The Rumor?

~~The Official Nominees~~

Well first of course there is Ampersand Artful, my faithful partner who has a sunny disposition with a chance of meatballs. Or something like that.

I want your sex for now…

My personal favorite is Desmond from Lost, for clearly obvious reasons.

Can I just touch you?

There is Jeanie Valios, because we all know she gets around. HAVE you seen the giant vagina on her wall? It’s absolutely mesmerizing.


There’s the steamy love/hate relationship with Ivy that we ALL know goes on behind closed doors. Who doesn’t love a good dramatic couple anyways? She really just wanted my goods, and was afraid to admit it. I don’t blame her, I’m irresistible.

Ivey Deschanel

And we also have Desmond.

Desmond & Pen Forever

We’ve also got Lizzie Lexington, because let’s face it, who isn’t a fangirl?

Lizzie is a classy hoe for sure

There’s a studly little number that’s been seen around town on Pen’s arm, we have yet to catch his name and mock him. But oh shit, he’s sexy.


We have Poop Cheese, because really, who can resist a name like that? It gives me such pleasant visuals.

Well, I was lacking a picture? And this is one of the things that came up when I googled poop cheese.

Finally, did I mention Desmond?


9 thoughts on “To Post or Not to Post… and the winner is?

  1. ann

    I think your list is definitive. I have no others to suggest. I’m already leaning towards Ivey. That she wept over you hints at a very deep, unrequited passion.

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