Project Themeory, 05-15…. Tea bagged?

I got tea bagged. There was a lot of furniture this week, I suppose I thought there would be a lot of frilly dresses and dainty gloves or something. I wasn’t too impressed.

*Thanks again to my super secret spy, Talender, for the photos from my banned friends*


5 thoughts on “Project Themeory, 05-15…. Tea bagged?

  1. Ashe Anthony

    Wow, you’re very fast with Project Themeory! Thank you for the pictures. I really love coming to your blog for the pictures and your commentary on said items for sale events.

    I have been thinking this for a while but finally decided to say/post it :]

  2. Yo' Momma

    Love that opening line. I might have to steal that to make a slight revision to the opening of my dating profile. I might get more emails this way. Ok, just kidding. Not really.

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