50L Friday…

Well it wasn’t a total bust this week, one of my favorites was mia though! 😦

My MIA report at this point is:

(with love & squalor) – yay they’re available now!
Sand Shack Surf Co. – they’re up now!
Pididdle – they put out.
Maybe they will turn up later in the afternoon, let me know if they do!

I did some pictures of my own, for 50L Friday, enjoy:


Ohhh no she dee’eeent!

Want to lock braces wif meh?


24 thoughts on “50L Friday…

  1. ann

    What’s up with the MIAs every single week? Is it so hard to put the item out? It taints the whole experience and wastes people’s time. I’ve been in the irritated crowd milling around a store looking for something that isn’t there too many times (we always think maybe it just hasn’t rezzed yet), and I’m so grateful for your blog because I no longer wish to go through the list of stores myself anymore.

    • Pennelope Thiessam

      Seems like they had their act together last week. Until they figure out how to resolve that, you can always check back here. *wink wink*

      I’m so glad you find the blog useful and it’s not a giant schmorgasborg of fail.

      • ann

        Your blog is 100% whole grain win. It’s part of my morning lineup and I am already dependent on it. I just have to remember to maybe check it a little later in the day too in case you have stuff up like last night. Or I could put you in my toolbar thingee, which would make you more win than any other SL blog, because the only blog in my toolbar is the Comics Curmudgeon. God I babble in the morning.

      • Pennelope Thiessam

        Ahahah, yes. Normally I try to get the blogs out before noon, last nights was recommended to me later in the day, and I figured if I was going to do it I might as well throw it up on the blog for the late night stragglers.

        I’d be honored to be in your toolbar!

        I was thinking about making a group in world so I can send out notes when I’ve updated. Maybe it could take the place of the now heavily moderated starlust group. I miss the completely retarded over the top insinuations.

      • Ampersand Artful

        you could use our the rumor group? it could work well, ‘HEY KIDS THE RUMOR IS….. SURF CO PUT THEIR 50L ITEM OUT! HERE’S A LIMO GO GO GO GO GO.”

        and I would loooooooooove to have psychobabble retard talk going on in that chat. it should be mandatory to type in all caps too.

        or a subscribo board, but that would take away the fun from group chat. plus I think you have to pay for it after you have a certain number of subscribers.

      • Ampersand Artful

        well, um, I think we kinda have to use that, because I’m about to reach critical mass on my group subscriptions, and we don’t really use the rumor…. yet. I think it’s better we use the rumor than classy broads.

        does she not like the idea cuz your blog is called penned down and the group is the rumor? you can always rename your blog, after all.

      • Ampersand Artful

        plus, we can always bail on having a store named the rumor. con doesn’t want to sell anything, and you haven’t made anything new in a while, and well, no one is buying shapes lol.

  2. ann

    Group slots are tough to compete for. 😦 Esp. since more and more group owners (esp for skins) are charging (and I have addiction issues with skins). However I’m all for less moderated groups where one might be able to actually speak one’s mind w/o getting “warned.” Not that I’ve been warned 3 or 4 times or anything.

    I checked the MIAs. Sand shack’s got one of their slouchy sweaters out in a grey stripe, and Pididdle has a “Sorry for Partying” t-shirt out that is a pass. Squalor’s still MIA.

  3. chilli

    No idea if anyone else is affected by this, but I’m a Euro-based SLer and I tend to run into timing problems if stores are late to put out their item. Today was quite a bummer – I made my round and ran into 5 missing vendors. 😦
    Nice to hear that some have put out their offer by now and I actually have the time to grab it today.

    BTW, rumours are that The Loft jumped on the CDS bandwagon and is now also scanning their customers to see if they can find any thief. Yay, one more shop for the boycott list!

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