Thirsty Thursday.. as per request

So I know this one’s a bit last minute, but someone suggested I check out Thirsty Thursday. There were a few goodies I came across, but mostly bleh. I may have been distracted by Posh for way too long.


6 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday.. as per request

  1. Jeanie V.

    Oh myyyyy, never checked out the other designers before. & HAHAHAH, idk what im doing with the salon part yet, but for nowwwwwww it’s totally all for your entertainment. DID YOU LIKE MY COOL ELEVATOR? fucking love that thing.

    • Pennelope Thiessam

      OMG the elevator is amazing. It took us like ten minutes to figure out how to work it, because it worked like an actual elevator!

      I love the salon, you should turn it into a POSH hang out area. I was thinking about packing my bags and moving in.

  2. Starz

    Thank you for this. I was not aware of this group. I found a few new stores that I might return to. However I could not help but notice about 3 of the clothing stores (2 for sure)… all of their items are from templates on xstreet for like $400L. So, found a few more I will never go back to!

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