Humpday Happiness… Banned again???

So, I have always pretty much overlooked Humpday Happiness, despite the appealing title. And after the rummage through it today, I was probably right in doing so. I was hoping to find a few gems, and I did, so mission successful. But, time wasted on this under-par noob fest again? No probably not. BUT, I do have to give them an A for effort, because the actual Humpday Happiness was VERY well organized. I had pictures in the notecard and everything, I suppose it’s not the organizers fault if half the stores ban me or put out random effortless items.

And then there was the ban hammer. I found one more place I am banned from last night, that happened to come up in Humpday Happiness as well, and another today! Three stores in total for Humpday Happiness. Do people really sit around lurking the blogs just searching for someone to ban from their sims? Maybe if they put that effort into designing their items it would be time better spent. JUST SAYIN. But, the biggest peeve is that these sims aren’t even responding to me, so I have to assume they have banned me for having an opinion on other peoples items. One of the stores I didn’t even recognize and am pretty certain I have never been to. Is this really what SL has come to? A bunch of bullies that can’t handle a little off beat humor when it’s pointed at them? If only more people could be like AnnoyingJapaneseChild or Jeanie Valois and take the poking in stride. When your items are quality and creative, there is no need to be offended.


59 thoughts on “Humpday Happiness… Banned again???

  1. Mikayla

    well I am a new viewer to your blog a per the fire storm it ignited at Shopping Cart Disco, I had to go see what all the fuss was about.. I think people need to stop worrying bout what, some random stranger is blogging about them and worry more about their stores and other things that really matter in life.. life is to short people.. don’t hate.. appreciate! lol.. really the customers that like them and have supported them since the getgo will not even really care about what your blog, they will just go on with their sl and continue to shop at the stores they have been… i really doubt you can take down any store.. as most people have common sense and use it.. so i don’t see the need to ban.. to me money is money even if it comes from someone i may not like.. money makes the store continue so.. they are just losing out on possible sales imo… stupid on their part but oh well it’s their right.. anyways keep on bloggin, and i’ll keep on reading ^_^

  2. Madagascar Few

    Aww- did widdums get a booboo?

    All the lols in the world don’t hide the butthurt sniffles, you know.

    You take care now, cupcake.



    Wow these items are so noob but what did I expect with a name like “Humpday”

    And anyone who bans people because they criticized an item needs to have their ban rights taken away and their hand slapped

  4. Genly

    I don’t think I actually need a list of the places you’ve been banned, since most of them look like they specialize in dressing whores.

  5. Jeanie V.

    Yeahhhhhh, booo for being banned 😦 If it makes you feel any better, you will never be banned from any store on my sim! & aw TY FOE DA SHOUT OUT GURLLLLLLLLL. (Sorry it just sounded way better in ghetto IMO.) <33

  6. Sumone who cares

    Wow bravo bitch your talking shit about all of SL’s top creators you know I may not be their friend but i respect each and everyone of them for what they do….And for you to slam them bitch you dont know them and for you to slam them says alot about who u are your just another jealous lil pixel bitch with nothing better to do then start more careless and nonesense drama GROW THE FUCK UP so you dislike what they make keep that shit to urself… Why dont u grow some respect for urself also you need to apoligize to each one of them you slammed cause your RUDE and CRUEL. Dreams is an amazing store and fuck you if you dont like it your whole person is ugly and disrespectful so why dont you leave the creators alone and pick on someone else or better yet go look in the mirror and find 10 things you like about yourself

    • Grammar Police

      Wow. Calling someone a bitch isn’t disrespectful? Oh, and you should TOTALLY go finish your high school degree. Maybe that would help your piss-poor grammar. Idiot.

    • camrynfouroux

      Hahaha Pixel Bitch..I love that! I can’t even entertain the thought of actually responding to this person’s moronic immature comment. What a twat-muffin.

  7. Alabama Smalls

    It’s rather pathetic that you have nothing better to do then practice your mediocre “photography skills” on taking photos of other peoples designs and bashing them. Good luck finding those 10 things you like about yourself, considering your attitude towards others I am guessing you are going to have to dig rather deep.

  8. Recidivist Sideways

    Be sure to include Nomine on your blacklist, since I made sure you were banned from there today, too

      • Recidivist Sideways

        Hahaha. Still banned, so solly. Feel free to send a flunky into the sim to snap pictures for you to inarticulately wax moronic over in future blog blobbery, though- just, you might wanna send someone other than Cuntstance, ‘cuz I banned her, too, to protect my delicate eyes from having to see either of you shitting up the gorgeous sim build.


      • constance DAEHLIE

        What are you even doing here? This ugly shit has nothing to do with you… today anyway.

        You just felt the need to stick your self important nose into this situation. It’s not all about you!

        Honestly, we do not give a fuck if we are banned or not from your ugly sim. I don’t believe I have ever been there until after you banned Pennelope the first time (and I quickly found out why.. ew!)… and neither had she. We aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

        You can go now.

      • Recidivist Sideways

        Haha- man, by the fucking *numbers!* I so called it- thanks for living down to my expectations practically to the letter, Cuntstance. I’ma go collect my 100L now.

        Also? You might wanna practice the “condescending dismissal” routine a little more- your simpering butthurt’s showing pretty clearly, and your ‘nuh-uh, i saw ur stuf taht i wont name bcuz u sux but i sware i saw it!!!!!’ lies might as well be in bold italics, they’re so blatantly obvious.

        But hey, better luck next time! Maybe your av will even look better, thanks to the help I’ve been giving you here!

        For now, though, all this ‘reading your little replies’ business has left me craving a ham sandwich. Ta!


    • Elsa Weatherwax

      Nomine? I’d never heard of it so I checked it out… The only thing Pennelope is missing by being banned from that sim is the opportunity to blog a plethora of crappy products. There is nothing worthwhile about the place. So don’t try to flatter the place by bannig her.. Let’s be honest, its just not worth anyone’s time.

  9. Miss Ersatz

    Reading these comments over the last few days, and observation and enlightenment attained. Not on the blog content itself Pennelope, but this charming little coat tail rider that you’ve gained.

    You may want to cut yourself loose from this little remora constance that’s attached itself to your blog and is dragging it down. Whatever level of higher ground you were striving for is being completely undercut by her thrashing around calling everyone four letter names. Notice how she is speaking for you now with her “we do not give a fuck if…” “WE aren’t interested…”


    “You just felt the need to stick your self important nose into this situation. It’s not all about you!”

    Quotes from a wise woman.

    • Constance Daehlie

      Yeah, no. We are a we. I’m her potential baby daddy. I know that this is not exactly clear to everyone… But that doesn’t matter really.

      I know the tines are messed up on the comments but if you look I’m not the one who started the name calling or personal attacks. 🙂

    • Pennelope Thiessam

      @Miss Ersatz/who I think this really is, your comment is what is undercutting my blog, not hers. Why would you come on my blog and attack anyone but me?

      Everyone here is entitled to their own opinion, but yours is certainly not enlightened.

      Constance Daehlie is twice the person you will ever be, and you shouldn’t take that lightly. When you can grow a pair, then come back and leave a suitable comment that actually is constructive instead of being a giant hypocrite.


    Not that I shop in SL but if I ever do ill be sure to stay away from every single shop who has banned her


    Anyone who bans her for a public opinion has MAJOR problems and should leave the game.

  11. Ampersand Artful

    SL’s favorite credo “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. and if you do, I’ll ban you,” only hurts the designers in the long run.

    pennelope is doing everyone, designers, customers, and idle window shoppers alike, a favor. because even if pen posts a simple snapshot of an item with a sarcastic quip about how she doesn’t like it, chances are, someone reading this blog WILL like it, and run over to the sim to purchase it. of course, only if they haven’t already been banned.

    do designers regard their customers to be so idiotic as to not be able to disagree with something they read on the internet? do they really think people will view this blog and think, “whoa, I really like that, but pennelope doesn’t, so I better not go buy it.” I mean, REALLY?

    if this is the case, which is becoming more clear each day IS the case, I find the notion more insulting than some of the incredibly rude things that have been said about my friends the last few days via comments on this blog.

  12. camrynfouroux

    This is my fave part of your post: “Do people really sit around lurking the blogs just searching for someone to ban from their sims? Maybe if they put that effort into designing their items it would be time better spent. JUST SAYIN.”

    Banning people for posting criticisms of a product is immature, stupid, and ridiculous.

    By making products and selling them, you are opening yourself up to criticism, because guess what? Not everyone likes everything you make! If you want puppy dogs and glitter farts than start a new virtual world called “Barney’s Playground.”

    Creators need to grow up and realize that the world does not revolve around them. People are entitled to NOT like what you make and post about it.

      • Pennelope Thiessam

        I never badmouthed a designer, and who says it’s wrong to criticize an item? You?

        I never made it personal, they did, and quite over the top they did. If you check their blogs and plurks, you will find much more jouvenile and rude remarks.

        I refuse to stoop there.

      • camrynfouroux

        Being honest about an item is not necessarily “bashing” the designer. It’s being honest! Penelope can say anything she wants on her personal blog.

        Sure, the store also has the right to ban her from their personal store. While it is childish to ban someone for their opinion of a few items. They are in their own right to do it. Just as Penelope is in her own right to comment on her own opinions of items.



      If someone releases something PUBLICLY and to the PUBLIC then do not be surprised if negative comments are said. It happens, it has happened, and it will continue to happen.

      There is absolutely NOTHING “dark-hearted” about this blog. The author is not out targeting specific *people,” she is commenting on general, publicly available, *items.”

      The shops who are crying and banning are pissing me off. Quit releasing if you only want sugar coated shit placed on your plate. Do you HONESTLY think that nobody has ever disliked your items? Be glad you can see what the unspoken REALLY think about them now. Use it to your advantage and stfu. Not to mention most of the commentary on the items are a matter of personal taste, not that the item is bad quality. So really, grow up, read the commentary, laugh..its good for the soul.

      • Anahata

        as gross as your name is, POOP CHEESE… you are absolutely right.

        the banning is ridiculous and i will definitely make sure NEVER to shop at any place who bans someone for having a blog that speaks their mind. i especially love the stores that are ‘pre-banning’, lol, wtf???

      • Pennelope Thiessam

        I really still don’t even get the point of banning me, I will still get the pictures anyways? What’s the difference? It’s not like I’ve ever gone to their sims and created trouble there… but gee they sure have come to my blog to create trouble.

      • Pennelope Thiessam

        Sugar coated shit vs poop cheese?

        I had composed a piece with my closing arguments to all of this. But fuck my life, if you don’t keep stealing all of my best points.

  13. ann

    As someone who has no investment in either the designer/fashion blog scene in SL nor the author of this blog, I must say that I have found watching Pennelope be repeatedly attacked has been chilling. I see enormous overreactions to things like the post about the chest tattoo. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Never mind the irony that I wouldn’t even know about this blog if people simply turned the other cheek to it….the torch and pitchfork waving has gone a long way towards advertising this blog.

    I feel queasy after reading some of the comments left on this blog. I can’t imagine how it would feel to have this level of poison and hatred directed at me just because I dared give an opinion on my own blog.

    Pennelope my advice to you is to not respond to attacking comments. There’s nothing you can say that would appease or silence them, so just let them spew while people like me take note.

    • Ampersand Artful

      I agree. commenting back just gives the butthurt trolls satisfaction. just because pen doesn’t want to stoop to their censor-banning level by moderating or closing comments, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to pay attention.

  14. Jessica

    I left a similar version of this comment on another blog, and decided to say it here, too. I personally think that there is no better example of cyber-bullying then the comments on this blog. I don’t know Pennelope, I’ve never even viewed her profile in world, nor have I ever left a comment on here before this one. But the degree to which her commenters have sunk is so appalling – they’ve completely negated what they are supporting. I’ve seen comments telling her to close up blog, SL account and shop and move to WoW. I feel like the designers have been spoiled by bloggers all this time and OMG now someone is setting a bar for them to reach? Who would dare? I’m just an outside observer who spends about $80 usd per month on tier and pixel shopping. I tend to avoid freebies and go for the quality. I’m not exactly the shopper that a designer would want to turn away. But I’ve lost a lot of respect for the banners.

    • Ampersand Artful

      considering the hub-bub a month ago about the anti-bullying campaign, pink shirt day, with designers tossing out freebie pink stuff left and right, the demeaning and crude comments that are being made because of a few offbeat posts seems to be quite ironic. oh, and hypocritical.

  15. Kitty

    Sorry, just got linked this and wanted to put in my two cents. I totally agree with you on the whole thing that people can’t take not hearing what they want to hear anymore.

    Awhile ago I got banned from a sim for no reason, even investigated and tried to find out why. All I could learn from it was the sim estate manager was a psycho and decided to spread untrue rumors about me for fun. So I can definitely relate to this crap.

    I hope you can hang in there and not let this get you down because so many people need to wake up. A friend of mine commonly says I won’t support these stores because these people think their shit don’t stink. Well wake up SL cause it does.

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