Just a Quickie… Viewer 2.0, Emerald, Kirstins?

I wanted to do a quickie post, see what folks had to say. In SL my favorite thing to do these days has got to be photography. I was just curious what folks had to say about the different viewers. I want to avoid the 2.0 bashing, because we are all aware of the craptastrophy that has arisen. I’m going to list my top three and why. I’d love to hear some feedback.

#1 Kirsten’s Viewer
I tried this one before, and had trouble keeping things rezzed. But I redownloaded this one a few days and am incredibly surprised by how far this viewer has come. It’s almost as if she’s managed to combine the great things about 2.0 and Emerald and put them into one viewer. I can completely close the side bar. I can get rid of pretty much anything I don’t like on my screen. This is a beautiful thing, especially when shooting photos. I don’t have the inventory lag that I do with 2.0… HUGE for me. But, I still get my new outfits and the tv works again. ❤ you Kirsten.
#2 Emerald
I have a love-hate relationship with Emerald. I love everything about it… except I don’t rez. I’m on a mac, and that just makes life worse. I hear that the new alpha fixes those problems… but again, I’m on a mac, and I don’t get to download yet. Please let me know if you’ve tried it out.
# 3 Viewer 2.0
I really am happy with the overall turn out of 2.0, people have hideously bashed the hell out of it. But most of the things they’re yappin about are obvious kinks that will be worked out. Soon hopefully. I love the layout. I love that I actually rez. And I can’t stop making new outfits.

Viewer 2.0


12 thoughts on “Just a Quickie… Viewer 2.0, Emerald, Kirstins?

  1. Anahata

    i don’t like the 2.0 viewer, im sure many don’t. the thing for me is i like to use the arrow buttons to move and they are big and not there for me when i need them, if anyone can tell me how to make the up down side to side buttons stay small and on your screen let me know and i’d give the viewer another chance.

    also if you install 2.0 and uninstall it and start over you lose all your personal convos! that hurt! i had some of those for four years…

    • Ampersand Artful

      you can drag the little pop up box anywhere you like on the screen to make it stay, but you can only have the rotate OR the side to side arrows at once.

      I’ve just learned to use ctrl-alt-shift to move my camera around. I find it works better actually.

  2. Pennelope Thiessam

    I might give snowglobe a try, but I’ve heard some pretty bad things about it. It seems to be maybe that one is geared towards the developers, since it is open source and what not.

    And yes the ctrl-alt-shift are soooo much easier especially when you already have eighteen other things on your screen and you’re lagging like hell. Or you’re just not gven the option anymore.. ohhh 2.0.

  3. thebunnygirl

    Viewer bitching/humping is one of my favorite topics right now, lol. I have tried all these viewers in their latest incarnations and just.. ugh. My general complaint is that no one viewer does everything I want right now.

    2.0 – unplayable for me. Runs SO slowly, inventory takes 10 minutes plus to load (I timed it, quite serious, unfortunately), the ruthing thing and the camera controls thing. Plus I hate the side menu that makes your screen shift over.

    Kirstens – has a lot of the cool things about 2.0 but sadly, runs slowly for me in most places. Also does the ruth thing on occasion. An issue with the inventory that I also encounter a bit with the 2.0 viewer but seems more noticeable in this one: click an item in inventory, the whole inv spazzes and goes away for a second and then reloads in a downward slide. I don’t know a better way to explain it but it drives me insane. I do like that it makes the cam controls back to old style.

    Emerald – the most crash prone viewer to ever exist. It crashes all the time on simple actions like saving appearance, switching items while in appearance mode, teleporting, saving notecards.. etc etc. In fact I had been using emerald so long before all this viewer hooplah that I thought crashing was just the way of SLife… not so! (Loves: vertical IM tabs)

    -> RAINBOW <- Rainbow is my viewer of choice right now. It has tattoo layers and alpha layers enabled, but in all UI aspects is a pre 2.0 style viewer. Runs smooth as butter for me, no lag, no issues with loading. Has BOOB JIGGLES. Double click teleporting, worn tab, radar etc. Like emerald, with less bells and whistles but more stability. + 2.0 tattoo goodness.

    TLDR, Rainbow rocks my socks and everything else sucks cocks. (in the bad way). Hope its ok to say cocks here. =P

  4. thebunnygirl

    Oh and snowglobe is terrible. I detect no difference in it from LL 2.0 viewer except that its MORE laggy, if thats possible.

  5. chilli

    If you try 2.0(.1) … really, make sure to update, the original release was simply shit … try installing the custom skin named “Starlight” which does a huge improvement job on the interface user friendlyness. Don’t have the link right now, but if you google “Second Life starlight”, the first result should point you to the Wiki page with download link.

    And whenever you install multiple viewers – always, always, always, …, always make sure and check back if they all point to a different cache folder. Never let two viewers share the same caches, that’s set in stone to cause problems.

  6. Rainia Aries

    If you have multi-viewers on your hard drive or have installed another viewer of any kind and have uninstalled, it can and most likely will cause havoc for you. Sometimes or most times even uninstalling all the viewers and reinstalling the one you want will not fix the problem. I usually run CCleaner on the file types and registry files at this point and make sure to look for the any extra folders SL, Emerald and any other viewer might leave behind, like Conversation history. Just move it or delete it. If you don’t know where to look, look in your Documents and Settings Folder on your Hard rive, under the computer’s username (Whatever personal name you choose, and take a look at the “allusers” too) and look for the folders Application Data (It’s a hidden folder so you will have to turn that option on in your Explore options. You might find folders in there for any viewers that you have used. Look thru them and move them or delete as needed, and then try Reinstalling. As for using 2.0 or Kristen 2.0, If you have any version of 1.0 on your computer and have been using that, my best advice for using a 2.0 viewer is to log in multiple times when first using it or if you have not logged in on one in a long time. Especially if the any folder paths are the same for your 1.0 and 2.0 viewers. Which reminds me… lol

    I love Emerald the best. I like Kristen 2.0 the most for photography though. The graphic on K2.0 just look better on my computer, in my honest opinion. I have a three year old computer and I can still kinda use the shadow renderer if I feel like putting up with having slowness with frame rate and then having to reboot when I am done with it LOL. Anyone wanna donate a great new computer my way? <..> xD j/k j/k or am I? o.o;;

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