Project Themeory vs The Amazons

Project Themeory wins again… but I think many of them got distracted from the 50’s theme this week. I would have loved to see the creativity in some of the ones that did, but ah well at least I got good shit. There were several that weren’t out yet again… everyone’s chalking it up to the grid issues… but I secretly know it’s the amazons, I was given the scoop on it last week.

Any who, here’s the list, including the ones I couldn’t find, let me know if they turn up for you.


4 thoughts on “Project Themeory vs The Amazons

  1. Octavia

    I just tracked all the drama over your previous posts through annoyingchild to your blog to SCD…and I was going to comment over there, but I didn’t want to give SCD the satisfaction of another comment on their endless drama attempt.
    A few of your comments might have gone a bit far, but I agreed with most of your sentiments. But even if I hadn’t, it’s clear that this whole thing was nothing more than an attempt by SCD to stir up some traffic. They haven’t had any good drama there for weeks so they decided to pick on you. I’m glad to see so many of the comments there recognize this. SCD is and apparently always has been far nastier than any of your posts are. They only accused you of doing what they are famous for doing.
    Good luck with your blog; you are in my favorites now.

      • Octavia Tiratzo

        Rofl, I’m sorry if you took what I said to imply that I thought you were trying to become another SCD. Thank goodness, it’s clear you aren’t. I was just trying to express my extreme annoyance with them for jumping all over you just to up their own traffic. Your 50L Friday and Project Themeory stuff are really useful to me.

      • Pennelope Thiessam

        Haha, oh no, I was just being facetious. It’s a common practice for me. Hey, it worked well for both of us… so maybe when Amp said that Tennishoe actually secretly love me and wants to jump my bones, that it was true.

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