50L Friday… Didn’t put out?

This week I tried to catch 50L Friday super early in the morning…. and guess what? Half of the stores hadn’t put out their items yet. Before you groan, yes it was well after midnight. So I will run through the stores real quick to let you know which ones aren’t out. And I will update as soon as I wake up in the morning.
<Insert Edit Here>
Looks like everyone has put out except Botanical, and their problem appears to be a server error.
Aitui – they put out
Split Pea – issues resolved, and they are now putting out
Botanical  – server offline?
So Many Styles
Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Ty Zvezda – be careful, they’re rennovating, don’t try to run through the wall before it’s loaded and fall under the bridge… it’s a doosey.
Whippet & Buck – fatpack 7 colors!!
Fishy Strawberry – now they’re out
Long Awkward Pose
Doppelganger Inc.
Kookie – they shouldn’t have put out

7 thoughts on “50L Friday… Didn’t put out?


    That is a lot of shops who did not put out yet (lol)

    Second life was down for 10 hours or so last evening, that could be the problem!


    lmao @ Amazon Lady pic in the midst of the 50l friday items photos.

    And Poop cheese? Oh, only 2 of my favorite things!

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