The Next TMZ *cough* I mean Shopping Cart Disco posting…

I took the liberty of stealing the scoop from Tensheckles, and posting all the nasty rumors about myself….

According to our most recent SL celebrity gossip, our very own, once again self proclaimed overnight fashion sensation was caught running around in this… It is rumored she is hiding a love child, pregnancy underneath.

Is she Pregnant?!?

Hair – *Shop Seu* Pompadour Hair

Dress – (Posh) Hollywood Glam Dress, from Project Themeory

Shoes – HOC MIB Stilettos

Purse – Baby Monkey Baguette Red Leather

Skin – *Ys & Ys* Stella Cute, from The Dressing Room

Shape – (CD) Constance Daehlie, custom made shape

Pose – (PDA) Before they make me run

And apparently Ms. Thiessam’s wife does indeed NOT have a penis, so we are working on uncovering the story.

No Penis? Can that be true?
Eyes: Salt Lick Amp’s amazing rl eyes, custom made

We have highly confidential, never before seen pictures of her daughter and herself. Is she drinking while she’s pregnant? Is that a 17 year old with a condom in her mouth? Just where does Pennelope get off behaving like this??

Pennelope Thiessam and Salt Lick


Dress – Quel Lea Dress in Hydrangea, dollarbie!

Hair – Truth Mena in Jupiter


Hair – Truth Jess, freebie

Leggings – *LP*, lucky chair

Eyes – X Line Green 02, xstreet freebie

Jewelry: Faux Posh Single gem nose stud, xstreet freebie

Condom – .:[S]:. Durex love in mouth, freebie

Skin: L.fauna Lapine Pale 2, freebie

shape: mcgill. salt lick. duh.

Chair Set, Poses & Martini Glass – {What Next} Hollywood Starlett Chair, 50L Friday

Oh why Miss Thiessam, you can run, but you can’t hide. As she ran from us it seemed as though she may be preparing for the funeral of her short lived fashion icon career. Dressed in all black. Is that a baby bump I spot?

Hiding a baby bump?

Hair – !Lamb Stargaze, 50L Friday

Dress – {SMS} Prairie Tunic, The Dressing Room

Shoes – “Niniko”, Gacha Shoes

Glasses – [Glow] Studio – Shutter Shades, The Dressing Room


19 thoughts on “The Next TMZ *cough* I mean Shopping Cart Disco posting…

    • Pennelope Thiessam

      Tis true… I read it in a tabloid. Also, beware, aliens are about to impregnate the entire SL furry population. There’s no word on what exactly these critters will look like, but I hear the Lindens are working on facilitating the overpopulation with a new viewer…. I wonder how this will change fashion as we know it.

  1. Ampersand Artful

    I was gonna file for divorce.

    but then I saw how much better you made my “ampersand” look.

    so I’m willing to take you back if you promise to pay for my dick attachment surgery. I mean. um. let’s cuddle?

      • Ampersand Artful

        of course I’ll never leave you. but it’s nice to threaten it once and a while. especially when I rudely find out via your blog that you’ve been potentially knocked up.

        of course vagjayjay wins! I would expect no less from you!!! downright disappointing if you hadn’t, I’d be threatening divorce again.

        awe thanks. I think I’m better this way too. with my dick in a box I mean.

  2. Jyrras Wilder

    Oh I just love your humor 😛 keep it up be yourself don’t let the lame drama-llamas ruin it for you. i have seen so many of these “fashion” creators just knock some template garbage together and sell it for over 500 SL$ and even more garbage for the so called 50 Linden hunts and if you oh heaven forbid dare to criticize their “glorious” items they start the drama circus.

  3. dawnde Lane

    lol awesome but you forgot drugs!! seen with white powder all over your face …

    better get one of them talking bellys hey!

    “pennelope’s baby is hungry for mcdonalds and needs more booze”

  4. emporryVemE

    Hi-ya im new here, I came accross this site I find It exceedingly helpful and it’s helped me a lot. I hope to contribute and aid others like it has helped me.

    Thank You, See You Later

    • Ampersand Artful

      you have to go up to the top of your screen, to the drop down menu “my account” and click on edit profile. there, you will see a blue box to the top right of the screen that says “change my gravatar.”
      that should do the trick!

      • Ampersand Artful

        oh…. where you talking about IN your messages? in that case, you need to use HTML code, and most photo uploading sites will provide that for you somewhere on the photo’s page. you don’t want to hotlink photos from other sites because it eats up their bandwidth.

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