Dear Tinnishoe….

Ahemm… Is this thing on?

Since it appears I may be continually censored in my reply, I thought I would post my reply to a recent unnamed fan here. She had these kind, and obviously classy words to say.

“You know what helps when you want to be an e-bitch? Having consistency and a good reason to be an e-bitch. Lacking those two things just makes you appear ridiculous and attention-whoring.

I’m going to guess you’ve never tried to make anything, ever, in Second Life. This gives you the pedestal from which you vomit negative text from, yes? I get it – it’s your blog, you can say what you want – but you may want to consider having some class when doing it.

No link back. Not even worthy of it.”

And this was my reply, that has yet to be posted:

First of all, I’m sorry to those who were offended. To be fair though, there’s a warning at the top right for that. But, honestly, it was never my intention to bash hard working citizens of the second life. My goal was to offer up pictures of 50L friday, so that people wouldn’t have to wade through all the lag, and might find things that they like and end up actually shopping a bit at the stores that appealed to them. I added some over the top, obviously exaggerated comments to make folks laugh. It was a blog made for a few friends (if you had read further than the picture captions) and I really never expected to have many more viewers than that. I suppose I have you to thank for that. 😉

By the way Tenshi, I have created a couple things, a quick stab at xstreet would tell you that. ❤

Second, 50L may be just a few cents on the business end, but if I as a consumer am doing 50L friday every friday, those cents add up. But, on top of that, isn’t the idea of doing 50L friday so that a store can advertise itself and bring in consistent business? If you want the consumer to come back to your store, maybe think about putting a little more effort into your 50L items? Because the goal isn’t to sell the 50L item, it’s to bring them back to buy your full priced items.

Third, I spent hours wading through the 50L lag, and putting together pretty decent pictures, with links to the stores, even when I wasn’t a fan. So doesn’t that make the owners here that are complaining a bit hypocritical? I put hard work into my blog, for free even (not 50L), and you are bashing my hard work, and that is okay? Complaining about someone complaining… seems a bit on the rubber and glue side.

Fourth. My most heinous of accusations. All of you, my dears, are huge hypocrites. Why, not one person has opted to prove me wrong. I said it was horrible, I meant it was horrible… and yet people start making personal accusations about my spelling skills, or being just a sad, lonely person. I bitched about an article of clothing. You have made it personal, instead of just offering a rebuttal. You could have said a simple IS NOT… and maybe changed my mind? Instead you decided to provoke drama, and get me banned from sims when my intent was never more than to provide a way for folks to skip out on a little lag, maybe actually catch a few 50L items instead of crash, and hopefully help some shops get some actual shoppers in there. Your responses have been completely immature, and unproductive. Grow a pair and have a stab at me next time. Saying that I have no eye for detail or quality or the likes, but not knowing if I do, also, hypocrisy.

Fifth. If you had bothered to leave a link to my actual blog, instead of just posting partial pictures, folks might have seen that there is a common trend developing. The 50L & Themeory posts included a lot of pictures. The main focus was the pictures, with a sidebar of over the top comments. I thought this was quite apparent when I also included a random over-bicepped man on his hands. The other posts I did were quite positive, and hopefully a bit helpful to the readers and the shops. So please before any more comments are made here, why don’t you actually take a look.

By the Way Tensheep, next time you blog about someone behind their back, at least include a link. It’s only proper blogging etiquette after all.

PS Why would I search the Library of Congress for Honesty? <Insert Edit here, some fool told me to check the Library of Congress for the definition of honesty, read the replies, they’re truly entertaining>

<Insert edit here>

I would like to announce that all further complaints will be dealt with here: OCFO (Official Complaint Filing Offices)


53 thoughts on “Dear Tinnishoe….

  1. abigail

    “All of you, my dears, are huge hypocrites. Why, not one person has opted to prove me wrong.”

    If you are referring to the commenters on Tenshi’s post – perhaps you should have read ALL of them before making this statement.

    Plenty of people supported you.

    • Pennelope Thiessam

      ‘My dears’ obviously is meant to represent all the evil doers who hate my blog, just for clarification.

      Actually, my brain was a bit overwhelmed, and I made the assumption that people would be intelligent enough to know who I was talking to? Obviously I don’t think the folks who supported me are hypocrites.

      Yes, I did read every response, thoroughly. I thought my response made that a bit clear, I tried to hit every point that folks made. But, thirty some comments is a bit overwhelming at any rate.

      • abigail

        “all of you” suggested you hadn’t read all the comments, or you’d disregarded the positives.

        Perhaps a note to thank those who publicly defended your blog would be a nice touch.

        Anyway, i understand that you were overwhelmed – welcome to the world of the SL fashion bitches! You are going to be a prime target now. Keep up the good work 😉

  2. Pennelope Thiessam

    Abigail you are absolutely right. My mere presence is not thanks enough. I need to get that in my head.

    Actually, I have been trying to sort through all the comments and reply to them personally, but if my comment ever ceases to be censored I will surely take heart what you said and send out a thanks.

    Thank YOU for your kind words. They are much appreciated in a blog-hate-blog world.

    /me ponders where to go from here…
    Disney land perhaps?

  3. parislandsmann

    It’s YOUR blog. You can say what you want because no one has authority over your blog. I’m glad you responded back to these SCD bitches. P.S. most of the things you said about FLF ARE true.

  4. Lizzie Lexington

    Welcome to my world Pennelope and I actually wrote for that SCD at one time. I have found that SL is more PC than RL and it annoys me to all hell. People can be sarcastic about designers in snotty chat groups or IMs but to do publicly – well you might as well be on the boat to Hades, ha.

    Just so you know a lot of us here do get your jokes and giggle even though we may not agree. We get you my dear. So keep moving forward with your words and your pics – SL fashion is full of fragile people and guess what it? I ain’t your problem, Ha!

  5. dawnde Lane

    i loved your comments not may have agreed with all, but some i did.

    I’m just shocked your one page blog got so much attention!

    as some people have done before me you are now on my bookmarks and will check here for a fresh and honest review (even if i agree or not)

    and for being banned? least you don’t have to look at there crap no more!!! win i say

  6. Whispers Magic

    I totally agree with you and didn’t buy a thing last week. *shrugs* I may next week who knows. This is your blog and I like it and I agree thanks to SCD… I now subscribe to it! Keep up the good work!

  7. Amira Footman

    Hi there :o)

    As Lizzie already mentioned, being critical about a designer in the open, and not being their backs, or in a private plurk, is strictly discouraged in SL. For they, we must remember, are the Second Life demi-gods, and must be slathered in vomit inducing butt licking at ALL times. Please work on improving your butt licking method before next time, eh? Oh, and they prefer circular movements generally, just a heads up.

    Being serious for a moment, I can’t remember who it was but one person pointed out that 50L works out to nickels in RL money, and they’re right. But, let’s keep in mind that LOTS of people take part in 50L Friday, one designer said she sells HUNDREDS of her 50L Friday item, so, let’s take that at the lowest possible number we can, 200 people. 200 people buying a 50L item works out at *cranks up her calculator* a rather respectable 10,000L.

    At today’s conversion rate 10,000L works out to $38.62, not bad for a few hours work really, is it?

  8. Sylvia Olivier

    hahaa. welcome to sl blogging, i’d suggest getting yourself on the feeds if you aint already.

    you have a good blog and what i believe to be good skills of expressing yourself and from looking at your flickr, nice photos.

    i’m sorry that you got a moronic post written about you TMZ but at least now people have found your blog on the brighter side of things. I think you’ve only said what people have thought before and even said what I’ve already overheard people saying.

    anyhow. i just wanted to say — keep going and doing what you are doing. i enjoy your blog and from the looks of it so do many other people too.

  9. Elysee1

    I just find the whole drama ironical and pretentious. I have seen SCD rip many designers apart.
    As for being banned on other sims, thats just ridiculous.
    You are free to write whatever you want on your blog, cause its your blog.

  10. Isabeal Jupiter

    Drama is the fast track to popularity in SL. I mean, really! You’re nothing until you’ve been featured on SCD. Keep doing what you’re doing. It is, after all, your blog. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. Anything less reeks of censorship and makes me want to barf.

  11. colleen Criss

    *sips her coffee* These ladies and fellow bloggers are absolutely correct. I am finding it hard to believe you in a world , uhmmm how to put this…. wait someone said it better then I can….
    1st amendment freedom of speech…..
    The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law “respecting an establishment of religion”, impeding the free exercise of religion, infringing on the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

    We all have this right and WE should. So you have been censured. *shakes head* and banned from entire sims.

  12. ebitch

    I just would like to quote Tenshi with one of her most memorable sentences spoken out on her plurk on November the 24th 2009 at 1am because it sets an abrupt end to all discussions here and on SCD:

    “I just farted so hard my crotch lips slapped each other, and now they sting. You’re welcome for that imagery.”

  13. Elysee1

    I am sick of the ass kissing blogs that caters to some elitist designers in SL. (who eventually copy RL designers and act as they made something original)
    This blog is a refreshing change.

  14. Noel Weiser

    If a person can’t tell the truth, what the hell can they say?? I’m so brutally honest in SL my friends think twice before they ask my opinion! However, they know that I will not lie to them and tell them garbage they want to hear and they respect that immensely. Keep on keeping on, you have many who support your “Freedom of speech”!

    • Pennelope Thiessam

      They can say, “OMG that pair of eyes you put out, even though it’s the eightieth set you put out this week, WHAT MARVELOUS WORK YOU DID MAKING THE YELLOW, DARKER YELLOW THIS TIME”


      I agree, honest friends are the best sort. Never having to worry that they are not saying what is on their mind is SUCH a relief. Thanks for the support!

  15. Karen Jigsaw

    It will be funny to see tomorrows 50L post with 20% black images and the subtitle “Sorry no pic from xy-brand, I am banned from this place.” It’s even worse than a bad review.

  16. Eff

    Wait, the same woman who said this: “…but you may want to consider having some CLASS when doing it.”, plurked /this/: “I just farted so hard my crotch lips slapped each other, and now they sting. You’re welcome for that imagery.”?


  17. Starz

    THANK YOU! SCD is slowly going down the sh*tter. It seems they are getting desperate for anything to post as it seems they only have 2 bloggers blogging the same stores over and over… how many times can you blog about Hucci? Oh wait, they advertise on SCD… Even the SL Secrets have sucked the past few weeks. Nothing but a pitiful attempt to try to bring traffic back to the site.

    I love your posts about 50L Friday because they are honest. This group of creators are nothing more than elitists who believe their stuff is so much better than everyone else. Check their profiles, they are all close friends and it appears they will not consider outsiders of the “click” to participate.

  18. Camryn Fouroux

    Hear hear! Great blog post! Your blog is funny and helpful. People in SL need to chill out and grow up. Tinnishoe needs to seek medical help for her crotch flapping issues and stop worry about your personal blog. In SL, GOD FORBID you criticize a seller’s work. It’s all about the seller and no one stands up for the buyer. I was lambasted on fabfree for commenting on some shiteous hair. Thank you for standing up for the buyer and giving us your honest comments! Sellers would be nothing without buyers so they should really be kissing our asses and not the other way around.

    • Pennelope Thiessam

      Fight for thaaaa people! In all seriousness it’s true though. In real life you don’t find businesses successful that hate their customers. Why do you think the old adage is ‘The customer is always right’. It’s funny how most of the complainers happen to be the sl business owners that are mediocre or lacking creativity… or just plain shit. I have a quote that hangs on my office wall…”People are zealous for a cause, when they are not quite positive it is true.” Oh fuck. No way…. can’t be…

  19. MS

    I just stumbled over the SCD-Article and have to say: THX SCD for guiding me here cause I likeylike this blog very much 😛

    It is too funny btw. that SCD seems to think, they´re the only website allowed to frankly post what they think about other people and spreading gossip that is crude and rude (as well).
    Talking about Fashion Sense and how to look and behave and what NOT to do on SL… I mean WTF, if the SL engine allows it without hacking/cracking the engine then do it if you want to. You´re free to do what you want and noone should be judging your SL-Action. Seriously SCD-Authors… (I´m sure you read here too :P): Get a life! PLS!?

    If I hate one thing, it is hypocrism.

  20. Secret Spy

    Love the Blog and from secret spy HQ who is the SCD person active in copying RL designs and images yet has the gall to dis people for doing the same , Keep up the fight remember secret spy is everywhere

  21. SunshineK

    As I once heard somewhere….”polish a turd, it’s still a turd” Keep on speaking your mind and never give in.

    Love the blog.

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