Project Themeory

If you have not checked out Project Themeory, OH PLEASE DO! Lot’s of extremely well made items at only 75L. It’s like they combined Stumblebum and 50L Friday, and came up with the best idea ever! So with all the requests for a much more positive post, here it is… If you give me quality, of course I will reply with beautiful sentiment. After all, that’s how I roll. Once again this was done in a bit of a hurry, so excuse the mess.


16 thoughts on “Project Themeory

    • Pennelope Thiessam

      Oh why thank you, I’ve been out the past few days, nice of her to let me know. Oh wait. She didn’t. Thanks for the terrific review, your blog is amazing. Really the question at the end of the day should be, how do I become a ‘betty’? I’m suspecting it has something to do with pearls.

  1. Blanca Nyn

    OMG!! I absolutely love your blog. I was just telling my friend a few weeks ago how an HONEST not paid off by review copies blog needed to be out there, and was almost tempted to do this myself and then today I stumble upon the SCD’s post and wala, HONESTY! What a nice change…keep up the good work 🙂

    • Pennelope Thiessam

      Oh my, you have no idea how much this hits the nail on the head. Exactly what I was thinking when I decided to whip this sucker out. Although I never though so many folks would find it. I am so glad you enjoy it. It seems as though almost every blogger, flickr owner etc. is out there trying to make things appealing that are just pure shit. After becoming addicted to the blogs and tracking down ridiculous amounts of clothing for my inventory, and realizing half of it was crap after I had bought it, I decided to start the blog. Find a few things that are amazing, and call out a few heinous acts of impetuous disasters.

  2. Elsa Weatherwax

    I thank thee from the bottom of my beefy heart. While the comments you make are a bit critical (and honest and hilarious) I think maybe next time a creator will think before they put shit out for sale… maybe even make me think.

    • Pennelope Thiessam

      /me wipes away the tears from her eyes.

      That darn well may be the best response yet. ❤ you and you're spunky creations. I'm currently playing dress-up in your dollarbie, just because of this comment.


    People are going to get mad at this blog because it isnt sugar-coated reviews praising and kissing the ass of SL content creators. (if you can even call them that anymore)

    This blog is honest and hilarious, if people get butt hurt over it then that is pretty shocking. Everything you are saying on the blog is nothing that isnt said in private IM while people are browsing around shops and see something they do not like *Shrug*

    Blogs should not be for the sole purpose of exalting people. The best blogs are the honest ones. Does anyone remember “Brutally Honest”.. That was the most hilarious SL blog I ever laid my eyes on. And, “The good the bad and the ugly of SL”

    There is nothing wrong with this blog, to me it is like taking a trip with the blog author and getting to hear her initial thoughts of every item she sees. Again, the stuff posted here is nothing new. Hang around your shop as an ALT and maybe youd be surprised at the negative comments being said about it in public chat.

    Again, this blog is funny. Lighten up everyone who is freaking out over it. I own a shop too and if I saw mine featured with a negative commentary id laugh at it and be back for more.

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