50L Friday!

It’s 50L Friday again….

I hope you like this layout better, it took a bit of work, but I think it will be better than having eons of pictures to load, that extend yards down the page.


17 thoughts on “50L Friday!

    • Lila

      Wow, lovely comments here.

      Awesome post, I love personality in fashion blogs- and lulz! You have a new dedicated reader. XD It’s not even bikini- it was just panties. I love League too, that was such a downer.

      Heidi- Yes they let “anyone” blog now, as there’s not some blog committee on high granting blogs to the worthy. Ugh, free speech, I know, right?? =/

      • Pennelope Thiessam

        Oh no Lila, that’s not true, I’ve now deemed you Head Honcho of the committee of high granting blogs. Or something like that? I’m glad you’re a fan!! Wasn’t it the worst let down?? I suppose I should have conveyed THAT more… maybe if I were more poetic about it….

        League oh League
        How can it be?
        Just freakin panties?
        I’ll lift my leg to pe…

        Oh wait… maybe not.

  1. Heidi Halberstadt

    It’s faint of heart, not feint of heart.
    It’s bikinis, not bikini’s.
    It’s close-up, not close up.

    Do they let anyone blog now? Just say no… .

  2. Heidi Halberstadt

    You can’t get something as simple as correct spelling done, even with all the spell checkers out there to help you. Yet you feel qualified to criticize the creative efforts of others. See where I’m going with this?

  3. Pennelope Thiessam

    Well, it wasn’t really meant as a critique. Just an honest blog between friends. If you don’t like it, you can easily move along? Although it is cute the effort you put into sounding intelligent. I did the blog in a few minutes to make sure my friends could see the pictures for 50L friday, and for whoever else stumbled across it. I am by no means a professional blogger or an english major. Just a highly opinionated smart ass. I feel qualified, because I’m paying for the product, and instead of others paying for something that wasn’t done well, I’d like to save them the hassle. Sorry for not living up to your expectations. I promise I will never run for the office of SL Blogger Expert Extraordinaire. I will leave it open for you…

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