The Crazy Arse Hair Hunt

Epic Fail…

I refuse to post pictures, because of my laggishness of the ugly place that was the starting point.


There’s some pictures from another blogger.

Why would someone spend time putting together a hunt, that has nothing but crap? Kay. I’m done.


7 thoughts on “The Crazy Arse Hair Hunt

      • Ampersand Artful

        I figured it out. you um…. oh shit.

        something up top towards your dashboard, blog surfer? you paste the site you want to follow. it puts up all the newest posts etc. you can do a blogroll or something like that too, but you still have to click the link to go to the blog to see if there’s new posts.


    • Ampersand Artful

      I’m not on my imac. and was feeling a bit lazy to get up off the couch and walk across the room. TOMORROW. I PROMISE. CUZ I HAVE TO FINISH SHAPES AND TAKE PHOTOS AND UPLOAD AND ZOOOOOOMFG *DEAD*

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