50L Friday

My first blog post, heeeere goes…

If you don’t know about 50L Friday, it’s a list of stores that have items out for 50L each week. This is a run down of the list this week. Sorry it’s not super pretty and lacking url’s, I’ll try to get that next week. This is mostly for Constance because we usually just write out the stuff for each other when we go, because the lag is hell there.

(If you don’t have the links, just find one of the stores and click on the 50L Friday board and you should be able to get a note card out of it, I did them in the same order as the nc)

Epoque  – Brief panties with ‘Stop Callin’ on the ass, and a fucked up lemon over your eye headband. Really?

Sh*t happens – Cute ruffly skirts, but only in the washed out pastels. You can buy all the colors right next to it at full price though

Tres Blah – Cute purse, can’t really tell what’s inside it though.

Elate! – Oh how I love my little black dress collection… This place almost always has cute 50L items.

5th & Oxford – Ordinary tube tops in blue and pink shiny colors. This place always has terrible 50L items.

Deco – They won’t give us our Lesbian Lover rings, I boycot these fools! It’s alright it’s just olive green glasses and a lock necklace, not their usual up to par goodies.

Hoot – I fucking hate this store, never again. Panties and eyes? Really?

Miel – This is definitely my new favorite store. I got the necklace, haven’t tried it on yet though.

Pig – Their cute bodysuits in green and turquoise, I would have picked them up if I had more than 7L left, and I didn’t already have the pink free one. They still have their pink day shirt out for free next to these.

Artilleri – Of course they’re a winner, the table’s only 7 prims! Cute.

Shadenfreude is a fucking fraud. The SAME vest out again, but this time in yellow. Granted, I really like the vest, but put out something new already? The socks are cute, but my inventory doesn’t need another pair of striped socks.

Turquoise Unicorn Studio – I hate you.

Llamb – I love you.


18 thoughts on “50L Friday

  1. Ais


    Welcome to the world of SL Fashion bloggers. As someone who blogged 50L Fridays from almost the beginning (but has since retired), I have to say that some of your feelings are right there with mine and some places we disagree. It seems that what a lot of people don’t get though is that they are your feelings and your choices and your likes and your dislikes. They don’t have to agree. People who find what you have to say about the items to be on target will come back for more.

    I don’t think most creators mind criticism. They can choose to take it or not. There are a lot of things that could be done better about 50L Fridays just like every shopping event on the grid. I do think it is over all one of the better ones but there are some days I am not even inspired to log in after seeing the previews. Barb puts in a lot of work on it and has done a great job in getting it going and maintaining it for well over a year, but she is human and some of her choices haven’t been as good as others. All in all though it is one of the things I have and do enjoy most about SL and I am thankful to her and all the participating creators for that.

    I don’t see your blog here as “downright nasty and mean” as one commenter on SCD claimed, and I do see it as constructive criticism. I personally don’t get the whole lady gaga fashion craze … I think it looks ridiculous, and the replications that Epoque offered were not even well done (which would be my bigger complaint than that i don’t particularly care for the item.). And I agree the same pair of panties in multiple colors with a minor modification week after week gets old. Just about as old as the creators who have offered the same item on two or three different occasions.

    Some stores consistently offer quality time and time again in the 50L Fridays. For them I am grateful. Some have variety in quality and design and when they surprise me with something extraordinary I am excited. But like you when I see Turquoise Unicorn Studio on the list I don’t even bother anymore … it is almost always a pair of eyes that I can’t tell the difference from the last pair they put out. I am sure there are loads of people out there that feel the exact opposite and snatch up every pair of eyes they offer and jump for joy every time Turquoise Unicorn Studio appears on the list. It is part of what makes SL so enjoyable for me; everyone is different and everyone gets something different out of it.

    Keep doing what you are doing and saying what you think. You are representing a voice that needs to be heard. Just be prepared for the haters cause you will have loads. And seriously don’t hate Tenshi, too, much. Her posting will make your blog more successful than it was likely to have been otherwise. One woman’s venom is another woman’s fertilizer.

    • Pennelope Thiessam

      I agree with Amp when she said secretly Tensheep loves me, and wanted to give my blog publicity, but her flaming love for me broke some sorta shopping cart code and she couldn’t admit it.

      But yes, thank you for your kind words. It’s good to know I am not the only one who feels this way.

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